Drilling Visa powered by Riskovery Independent Digital Review Riskovery Drilling is the first complete
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DRILLING RISKS SERVICES well design, well planning
operational program
More than 50 offshore & onshore wells (oil, gas, storage and geothermal) reviewed in 10 countries worldwide
with a 100% rate of success
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Services criteria following: ISO 9001, 16530-1:2017, 29000, API Q1, API Q2


story behind

Just like a TRAFFIC LIGHT of drilling projects

Security is something that is not negotiable, there are no other options

A drilling project is more alike a journey with….a road map. The road map has milestones and destination targeted. Several crossroads are encountered along the road. To reach the final destination you need to know all about the road.


Turning to Possible when it’s comes to Probable

We provide solutions to keep the projects in a safe & certain Area

Drilling Risks Services

our services

Wellbore risk evaluation

More than 50 offshore & onshore wells succesfully reviewed in 10 countries worldwide 

Independent digital review

Drilling Visa powered by Riskovery release the first complete digital Risk Evaluation Tool

Specific Reports related to Risk

Detailed reports about Well Planning, Well Design, Operational Program, NPT, HSEQ and other reports upon request

oil, gas, storage and geothermal
countries worldwide
% rate of success

Experience with 100% success rate of drilling downhole tools risk evaluations of 50+ wells (exploration, appraisal, sidetrack, infill, production, injection) from 10 countries worldwide. Drilling projects well depths between 1500 and 7000m;

Crude oil, gas, gas storage and geothermal well projects (onshore and offshore);

We announce that 12  DRILLING VISA reports were already delivered successfully with no complaints to 9 worldwide clients.

Due the confidentiality reasons, being an independent reviewer were not allow to expose drilling project data or clients name.


Drilling Visa

Included in decision-tree analysis, digital tool Drilling Visa developed by Drilling Risks Services is the only one currently focusing on two major outcomes that need to be predicted for drilling operations include the following:
• cost and risk versus value of additional information;
• likelihood of dril pipe or logging tools getting stuck, and other nonproductive rig time.

Less obvious to many oilfield professionals, perhaps, but also important to estimate in cases that lend themselves to decision-tree analyses, are eventualities such as government legislation and stability, company mergers, court cases and health, safety and environment (HSE) issues. Despite other software products Drilling Visa is based on statistics, probabilistic and track history. Numerous software products are available that facilitate decision-tree analysis for oil and gas E&P and other industries.

Pre-Spud Independent Digital Review for Drilling Projects.

Service provided by Drilling Risks Services company powered by the digital application “Riskovery Drilling”

Independent review is a chance to receive feedback from individuals with expertise and perspectives that may not be represented in the development group. Independent review includes review by peers, experts (e.g. with methodological or technical expertise) and others (e.g. consumers, expected users and other stakeholders). It presents an opportunity for specialists in relevant fields, including non-experts, to comment on a full draft guideline, including recommendations, before it is published.

The calculation algorithm is based on:

Track history

Statistics and probabilities

Standards in the industry: API, IWCF, IADC, NORSOK and ISO

Riskovery Drilling

Identifying and certifying the risk

4 levels risk indicator

Risk level LOW

the technical, quality, environmental and safety parameters of the operational process provided, place this project in a very good safety zone (failure rate less than 5%). We consider that it is not mandatory to make an insurance for this project, except for Control of well policy which involves a form of insurance

Risk level MEDIUM

the technical, quality, environmental and safety parameters of the operational process provided, place this project in a good safety zone (maximum failure rate 10%). We consider that a form of insurance is necessary for this project

Risk level HIGH

the technical, quality, environmental and safety parameters of the operational process provided, place this project in an uncertain safety zone (very high failure rate ~ 50%). We consider that an assurance of the project and a revision of its parameters is mandatory

Risk level CRITICAL

the technical, quality, environmental and safety parameters of the operational process provided, place this project in a critical safety zone (the project is not feasible because the failure rate is higher than 50%). We consider that a complete revision of the project is absolutely necessary, because in this form it is neither financeable nor insurable

LOW level report example

MEDIUM level report example

HIGH level report example

CRITICAL level report example

The recommendations brought after the analysis of the data provided, provide an overview of the viability of the project and implicitly a list of objectives that if implemented will bring an improvement both operationally (safety and environmental parameters) and financially (cost optimization implementation and / or insurance)

Value & Benefits

added value and benefits

  • increases the speed of decision;
  • best accuracy;
  • prove the existence of risk, certifying and rank it;
  • eliminate lack of human failure;
  • eliminate lack of responsibility;
  • helping quantifying and calibrating contingencies and AFE;
  • increases the risk awareness;
  • not dealing with amounts but percentages
  • opposable to banks and insurance / re insurance companies;
  • opposable to funding / financial institutions;
  • opposable to authorities;


  • funding/financial institutions
  • project managers
  • stock holders
  • share holders
  • board members
  • authorities

IMPORTANT NOTE: our risk evaluations are proactive and are made in pre-spud phase of drilling projects



  • Drilling Risks Services is authorized risk evaluator. Successful jobs for Lloyd’s  cover holders;
  • Accredited Evaluator / Expert by ANRM (National Agency for Mineral Resources);
  • UPGP (Ploiesti University of Oil and Gas) partner.
Skill set

Energy for good!

Concept of skill and mastery

Since the company foundation in 2019, Drilling Risks Services, using in-house software tools (developed in collaboration with the most important evaluators in the drilling environment) has applied the DRILLING VISA concept for more than 50+ oil & gas and geothermal wells across 2020, beneficial for 20 customers from 10 countries. 

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